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To: All interested members of HKAPGC for participating YOUTH SUMMIT AND

Re: Application, Selection and Registration Procedures for the
THREE Attachments (all in PDF)
(1) Application, Selection Guidelines and Registration Procedures
(English and Chinese versions)
(2) Registration Form for Youth Summit AND Parent Program (English
version only for Singapore Conference Organisers)
(3) Youth Summit and Parent Program information of The 10th APGC
(English version only)
Original details are availabe from The 10th APCG Youth Summit Website
http://www.10apcgifted.org/youthsummit.html where provides
information and downloadable materials.

YOUTH SUMMIT: Local Application and Selection Procedures
The 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness (10thAPCG) will be held
from 14th to 18th July, 2008 at Nanyang Technological University,
Singapore, and a corresponding Youth Summit will be held in Raffles
Institution. Global student participants from Grade 4 through 12
(similar to Primary 4 to Secondary 6 in Hong Kong S.A.R.) will be
targeted for the Youth Summit, and they will be divided into three
groups: (a) Grade 4 - 6, (b) Grade 7 - 9, and (c) Grade 10 - 12. Each
group will include 10 students, and a total of 30 students will be
selected to be Hong Kong student delegates.

The Hong Kong APCG Representative, Organizing Committee & Interview
The Ministry of Education of Singapore Government has recently
designated (see attached email communication) Assistant Professor Helen
Siu Yin KU-YU of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as The Hong Kong
APCG representative to coordinate matters for the Youth Summit 2008. To
ensure a fair selection, a local Organizing Committee for the 10th APCG
and Youth Summit has been formed since January 08, and the members are
listed in this lettertailâ. Mr. Pui Tin CHAN, Chief Curriculum Officer
of the Gifted Education Section of Education Bureau, HKSAR Government,
and Dr. Stephen Tommis, Executive Director of The Hong Kong Academy for
Gifted Education (HKAGE) have kindly agreed to co-chair a selection
panel for interviewing and selecting 30 gifted & talented candidates for
the Youth Summit.

The Guidelines for Application
All interested students should observe the guidelines (1) to (4) stated
below. Each applicant must provide relevant documents for (1), and
supplement with evidence-based supportive documents wherever possible
for guidelines (2) and (3):

1. English proficiency - The applicants must have achieved at least
“B” grade or above in reading, writing, listening and oral
English language skills, as supported by evidence of internal school
reports and/or external certified assessment ;
2. Preference will be given to the applicants who
(1) can also demonstrate special talents/skill(s) aside from academics,
such as music, drama, drawing in visual and performing arts; sports,
leadership, etc;
(2) have never participated in any Youth Summit organized by The
Asia-Pacific Federation on Giftedness, and, hence, please state this
clearly in application;
3. Other supportive documents may include standardized intelligence/
assessment, school reports of academic achievements or other related
4. At least ONE parent MUST commit to accompany each successfully
selected applicant to attend a Parent Program proposed by The 10th APCh
APCG for the first time in Singapore. As English is the official laal
language of the 10th APCG, the participating parent(s) are therefore
expected to beto be conversant in English as well.

All interested students should return a COMPLETED Registration Form
(see attachment) along with all the above-mentioned supporting documents
via mail OR by hand to :
Attn: NGAT Mailbox No. 143 Application for 10th APCG Youth Summit
Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R.

Youth Summit Selection and Registration Procedures: Follow-up Action
for Successful Applicants

A short-listed pool of applicants will be notified by phone for
interviews before March 18, 08. To avoid extra-curricular activities
during weekend, the assessment panel will schedule interviews at The
Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 19th OR 20th March 2008 from 17:30
to 21:30. Thirty applicants will be finally selected, and those who
fail to enter the first round will be placed on a waiting list, pending
the approval of the 10th APCG for a chance of allocating more regional
quotas. However, there is no guarantee for additional places at this

The thirty successful applicants should transfer Registration Fees both
for The Youth Summit AND Parent Program
(including accommodation and daily meals but EXCLUDING AIRFARE), as

1. 1 student participant for Youth Summit S440=HKD 2,640 Exchange
rate at 1: 6 HKD (including miscellaneous
2 i) At least 1 parent for Parent Program (APF member) S860=HKD 5,160
expenses for travel, drinks, snacks, etc.)
ii) At least 1 parent for Parent Program (Non-APF member) S775=HKD
3. Cash to any Branch office / MTR office of HANG SENG BANK, Saving
Account at PolyU Branch 222-2-026763
4. Deadline for faxing Pay-In-Slip toThe NGAT, PolyU office at fax
no.2333-0574: 25th March, 2008 Noon

For further details, you should visit The 10th APCG Youth Summit
Website http://www.10apcgifted.org/youthsummit.html where provides
information and downloadable materials.
For local enquiry, please phone 3400-8377 or 27665782 or email
kh.ude.uylop.teni|detfigss#kh.ude.uylop.teni|detfigss with clear indication in the subject
field “10th APCG Youth Summit”

Hong Kong Organizing Committee of the 10th APCG, 2008
March 11, 2008

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